Delete Zoom

How to delete a Zoom account

Sign in to the Zoom web portal to start the deletion process.

Try an alternate guide.

How to cancel a subscription, which you'll need to do before deletion.

If you have to use Zoom, use the Web Client.

The account deletion process

Once you've pressed delete you will lose access to your Zoom account.

Make sure you have everything you need from your account prior to deletion.

Remember to delete the Zoom app from your devices.

Why delete your account?

Zoom doesn't have a good privacy track record so far.

Never trust a platform like Zoom to put privacy ahead of profit.

You need to be able to trust your video conferencing software provider. It is an intimate form of human interaction. The opportunities for tracking are more open ended than you might think.

The future of video conferencing

It's not just a privacy concern. If Zoom builds out high quality social video conferencing and subsequently dominates, privacy-focused alternatives will struggle to compete.

Covid-19 has changed the world. Video conferencing is very popular.

It is important that a company with a good privacy track record wins the video-conferencing fight.

Stay social. Try Signal.

Signal is a privacy focused, easy to use messaging app.

It is developed by a reputable organisation that is commited to privacy. No ads, no tracking. Just a clean, secure messaging experience.

Multi-user Zoom alternatives.

Avoid Facebook and Google products if you can (Messenger, Google Chat etc.)

If you're worried about Zoom privacy, you should be even more concerned about Google and Facebook.

Zoom is preferable to using Facebook and Google video conferencing products.